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Property Insurance Surveys

AIA Loss Assessors provide the most innovative service product on the market today in the form of our Property Insuance Survey. We specialise in surveying residential, commercial and industrial properties prior to insurance policy inception and/or renewal.



Before a Homeowner takes out a new Home Insurance Policy, or renews an exisiting one, we can undertake a detailed survey of the property. We produce all the information necessary to enable the Homeowner provide the data required for their Insurance Broker/Company to obtain a quotation for house insurance.

We can ascertain if the Homeowner has overvalued or undervalued the reconstruction costs of their home, which obviously will have a bearing on the insurance premium quoted.

The Homeowner has peace of mind in the knowledge that they are insuring their property for the appropriate amount and that they are providing their Insurance Company with the correct knowledge relating to their property.

It is also easier for the Insurance company to assess the risk insured as all the following information is contained in our survey report:

  • Current state of repair of the property.
  • Recommendations to minimise future loss or damage occurring to the property.
  • Photographic evidence of the structure.
  • Surveyed dimensions of the property being insured.
  • Estimated reconstruction costs in the event of total loss.

The savings people have been able to achieve on their home insurance premium has been astounding and our testimonial page confirms this.


Commercial and Industrial Property Owners

Property surveys of commercial, retail and industrial buildings are typically more detailed and comprehensive but the principle of providing clear and accurate information to the Insurance Company still applies.

AIA Loss Assessors can survey and prepare all the necessary information on the property owner's behalf for submission to their Insurance Company including, dilapidation surveys, value at risk surveys and risk assessments.

It is absolutely essential that business properties are adequately insured.