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I have a home and farm insurance policy. When I got my renewal notice in the post I asked Pat to carry out a home insurance survey. I didn’t realise that I was over insured and when I informed my insurance company of the correct reconstruction costs I saved €130 on my renewal premium. I would have no hesitation in recommending Pat to carry out a home insurance survey.

Tommie Duggan, Clogher.


My home has only been completed in the last three years. I asked Pat McCormack to undertake a home insurance survey before renewing my policy. Pat found that I was under insured and I also had not included cover on my partially finished garage adjacent to the house. I submitted the survey report, with the increased reconstruction cost noted, to my insurance company and they opted to leave my premium unchanged. I was absolutely delighted with that result and would recommend that everyone renewing their home insurance should contact Pat to carry out a home insurance survey.

Michael Morrison, Westport.    


My home insurance cover had lapsed. I asked Pat McCormack to survey the house. I gave the survey to my insurance broker and ended up saving over €300 on my previous insurance premium. Pat produced a comprehensive report which showed the state of repair of the house. He noted some items where we could prevent losses in the future i.e. a carbon monoxide alarm in the utility room and insulating our water tank. I have since upgraded my roof insulation and got the cavity walls pumped with insulation. I think the insurance companies are happy to have this survey completed because it confirms exactly what has been filled out on the proposal form.

Pat O'Malley, Castlebar