You wouldn’t go into Court Without a Solicitor – Don’t make a claim with out a Loss Assessor!

If you were going into court, would you have a solicitor on your side?

Compare this to making a property insurance claim. Why wouldn’t you want a professional to help you get the best possible result from making a claim, to educate you on exactly what you’re entitled to and take the stress of the problem off your shoulders?

At AIA Loss Assessors Ltd, we carry out the formulation, submission and negotiation of property damage claims on behalf of our clients, property owners.

AIA prides itself on two things:

  1. Experience – with over 30 years in the construction industry and over 12 years in the Loss Assessing business, Our Knowledge is definitely Your Gain.
  1. Retention – most insurance companies withhold between 5-10% of the monies owed on a claim until all building and refurbishment work is completed. AIA work with our client until the very end, ensuring our client gets exactly what they are entitled to.

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